Waste and Recycling Assembly – Part 2!

This week Eco Club invited two guest speakers from Calderdale Council to talk to the school about waste and recycling in our local community. Yvonne and Chris told us all about their roles within the Calderdale Waste and Recycling service and showed us a film about the different people who work with them.

They brought a huge pile of rubbish with them and children helped to sort each type of waste into the correct recycling bag or box!

We had the opportunity to ask lots of questions about recycling and found out loads of information about how to better look after our planet. Thank you Eco Club!

Waste Week Assembly

Eco Club presented a fabulous Waste Week assembly today! They told the whole school about our Waste Week campaign and talked about ways to recycle, reuse and reduce our consumption.

Everyone presented a different part of the assembly and asked questions of the audience. We found out about agricultural, industrial, hazardous and household waste and learned about the problems associated with each.

We talked about the different things we could do in school to reduce waste, including a compost bin in the playground and in the dining hall; more recycling bins in every classroom; battery recycling and donating clothes to charity.

Well done eco club, an excellent start to waste week!

Rabbits for Easter!

Today we had some special visitors in school in the build up to Easter – 5 baby rabbits!

We were able to observe them and ask questions about their age, colour, food, life cycle and even about their features!

It was very interesting and all of the classes agreed that they were the cutest visitors we have had.

Better Living Health Day!

The folks from Better Living spent the day in school today! We talked about the importance of a good night sleep, participated in yoga, fitness and parachute sessions and discussed well-being and healthy diets.


We had a lovely afternoon at the panto on Monday. One hundred of us visited Victoria theatre to boo and hiss at baddies and generally give the teachers a headache with the shouting.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Intrepid Reception Class ventured to the wilds of Doncaster to visit the polar bears last week! We braved the ice and snow to watch our arctic friends cavorting in a pond, rolling in some mud and playing with their comrades:

We warmed up in the¬†‘Amazing Animals’ workshop and found out much more about polar bears and the other animals in the park:

We also met some slimy creatures:

Some slithery creatures:

And found out all about the one horned antelope who had an unfortunate accident:

We saw giraffes, tigers, warthogs and baboons; painted dogs, lions, leopards and ostriches! Everyone was stoical in the face of arctic conditions and a fabulous day was had by all. Thank you Yorkshire Wildlife Park!!



Winter Solstice

In a brief departure from Xmas madness, Reception class have been thinking about a much older festival, the Winter Solstice. We have considered the movement of the Earth around the Sun, and the fact that our planet is tilted meaning that we have seasons. We have discussed the shortest day of the year, the 21st of December (in the Northern hemisphere at least), and talked about how dark it is in winter.

We brought in a Yule log and some holly and thought about some of the traditions that pre-dated Christianity. All of us made a beautiful Winter Solstice card to take home, welcoming the Sun as the days start to get longer again.

Festival Singing!

The choir have been out and about alot over the last few weeks with 3 visits to entertain the community and share the festive spirit. The children have entertained the Mytholmroyd community at the Christmas lights switch on, sung at the Christmas Fayre and visited the elderly and disabled at Higgins close. They are singing again on Sunday at the Piece Hall.


One word that sums up the choirs performance on Children in Need – Amazing!

A huge thank you to Mrs Pearce for all her hard work and to Sarah for helping us out on the day.

Luddendenfoot Cricket Club Bonfire

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