Year 6 football tournament

On Wednesday afternoon, a group of 10 year 6 children visited Luddenden C of E school for a football tournament against their year 6 class. Although this was a friendly tournament, the children represented the school well showing great team spirit and they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Sustainable Lunchbox Challenge!

Well done to Adam who has won this week’s sustainable lunchbox challenge!

A tin foil wrapper, a reusable fruit pot, a reusable water bottle and not one piece of single use plastic in sight! Well done Adam!

We have also asked Kirklees Catering to send our fruit salad in a single tub, rather than in individual plastic cups and they have risen to the challenge!

Group 2 Jacobs Ladder!

Mount cook 2019 is under way! Group 2 have done their first activity – Jacob’s ladder!

A morning of planting!

Year 2 spent the morning planting in our wildlife garden! We planted yellow beans and green beans:



And onion sets:

The children measured out the rows very carefully and made sure that all the weeds were thrown into the weed bucket! We watered everything well and are looking forward to coming up to the garden at dinner time to keep on top of all the gardening jobs!

Luddendenfoot’s War on Plastic Waste!

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We are all very worried about the amount of plastic in our oceans here at Luddendenfoot. We have made it our mission to reduce the amount of plastic we use and to recycle as much plastic as we possibly can, so that none of it ends up polluting the seas.

Image result for image of plastic sea

Year 2 have taken on the role of Eco Warriors for this term and are spearheading a number of projects:

The Garnier Plastic Fantastic Recycling Scheme!

30,000 tonnes of recyclable bathroom waste ends up in landfill every year! We are collecting the plastic that can’t be recycled by Calderdale council, as part of the Garnier Plastic Fantastic Recycling Scheme. We will send this off to be melted down and made into new plastic items. The school that collects the most plastic will win a £10,000 playground makeover, made using recycled plastic items! Have a look at the checklist below for all of the plastic that you can bring into school:


We are also recycling crisp packets, in conjunction with Walkers and Terracycle. Any brand of crisp packet, including multi-pack bags, can be brought into school and we will send them all off to be recycled!

Image result for crisp packets

Our final project is recycling pens – whiteboard pens, felt tips, highlighters, biros – any plastic pens can be brought into school to be recycled!

Image result for pens recycling

Please help us by bringing in any of the above hard to recycle waste and help us to ensure it doesn’t end up in the sea!



Going green to help save our planet!

A quick note to say watch this space – Year 2 are this term’s Eco Warriors and they intend to get the whole school community recycling, reusing and reducing waste! Further information will will posted so watch this space and get involved.

They got off to great start tidying up our wildlife area ready for their planting scheme.

The journey continues…

We have finally heard from our naughty Gingerbread Men that ran away!

They have already travelled to lots of different places around the world! They have been to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Blackpool, Devon, and even visited the Queen for afternoon tea in London! They then travelled across the rest of the world, visiting places in France, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. They reached Moscow in Russia, Hong Kong and Beijing, Thailand and Singapore, down to Egypt and even Kenya! The have had lots of fun in the USA, visiting Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, seeing the Niagara Falls in Canada, down to the Falkland Islands and Honolulu in Hawaii! They have even managed to go all the way round the world to Australia, enjoying the sun on Bondi Beach and they were nearly eaten by crocodiles in New Zealand! We can’t wait to see where he has been this week and what they have been getting up up!

Keep checking our display outside the Year 1 classroom to find out where their next adventure has taken them.

(Thank you for all your support with this project. We couldn’t have done it without you!)

Music for Youth!

We’re all really proud of Luddendenfoot Choir who put on an excellent show with Calderdale in Harmony this weekend! They were so patient waiting for their turn and the performance was fabulous. Here are some photos of the day:

Footballing success!

The boys in Year 5 and 6 did us proud tonight coming 2nd place in the inter-schools football tournament at Ryburn. Not conceding a single gold they battled hard to gain a place in the final just to missing out on first place. Well done boys a lovely trophy to add to our collection!

The science continues…

Miss Gill, our very own science enthusiast showed off Year 4’s skills in the staffroom as we ate lunch by torch light!

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