Footballing success!

The boys in Year 5 and 6 did us proud tonight coming 2nd place in the inter-schools football tournament at Ryburn. Not conceding a single gold they battled hard to gain a place in the final just to missing out on first place. Well done boys a lovely trophy to add to our collection!

The science continues…

Miss Gill, our very own science enthusiast showed off Year 4’s skills in the staffroom as we ate lunch by torch light!

Science week.

Well it’s been a week of investigations, predictions, analysis and conclusions. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as staff and children have enjoyed the week. Luckily for us it doesn’t stop there, with enthusiasm and excitement we will be planning additional lessons across the curriculum for all our budding scientists to enjoy.

Here are a few comments from the children about the week.

“A pencil is a good plug. Water didn’t come out because it filled the hole. Paper wouldn’t be very good it would make a mess.” Oliver Yr 1

“I loved the balloon experiment. My hair stood on end. It was electricity.” Daphne Yr1.

“When we added vinegar to baking powder the solution flowed over the top of the conical flask. This was a chemical reaction.” Noah Yr 4.

“Did you know you can make a plug out of sturdy and solid materials, not hollow ones though as the water runs out of the bag.” Rose Yr2

”Science week was great. Me and Natty did our own wind experiment in the yard. Joshua Yr2.

“We investigated how to get water from one glass to another without touching it. We used kitchen roll as a bridge which transferred the water by absorption.” Austin Yr4.

“Warm water was the best solution to make your skittles white. By making shapes with the skittles we created different rainbow patterns.” Ruby Yr3.

“To make my tower tall I used a triangle base to ensure weight could be distributed evenly across the three points.” Eadie Yr5.

“The Stem challenge was awesome – we had to design, make and cost a protective structure to keep an egg safe!” Noah Y6

“We had to focus on reducing the mass of our protective structure.  We chose not to spend all of our money and used just enough to protect our egg.” Finlay Y6

”We predicted the ph for 12 different substances then tested them using litmus paper. The results were quite surprising. Apple juice had the same acidity level as coke!” Colette Yr4.

“I love Science!” Natty Yr2.




Great Big Dance Off competition

On Thursday, Dance club took part in the Great Big Dance Off competition at the Victoria Theatre. The competition was the regional heat for this national competition, the 2nd heat in the overall competition. The girls performed for a real, paying audience and were fantastic! Unfortunately, they did not win on this occasion, but they should be very proud of their achievement and how well they represented school.

Science week continues!

A few more photos from Science week.

Calling all scientists!

To celebrate Science Week staff have developed a programme of scientific experiments designed to develop the children’s  scientific enquiry skills; engender a love and enthusiasm for science;  and look at how finding out about the world around then can be great fun, if a bit messy! With white coats, goggles, test tubes and testing equipment at the ready everyone dived right in!


World Book Day!

For World Book Day we were lucky enough to have the famous ‘Jingles’ visit us. He was able to bring our book or the day, The Scarecrow’s Wedding to life to through the use of drama, enthusing children to both retell and invent their own stories. Lots of fun was had by all!

Y6 emotional wellbeing

In PE in Year 6 this half term, we are learning the practice of yoga. We are hoping that this will help us to manage our stress and anxieties associated with the preparation for SATS. We then had a PSHE lesson and during circle time we discussed our worries about the upcoming tests. The children were very honest and appreciated the opportunity to share their feelings with their friends. It really helped the children to understand that everyone has similar feelings and that it’s ok to feel worried. We then discussed strategies to help us manage our worries and stress, which we will continue throughout this half term.

Overgate Christmas Jumper Day

This week, Sarah Kissack from Overgate Hospice visited school and we presented her with a cheque for £132 which was the kind donations made by the children on our Christmas jumper day in December.

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