Rainbow challenges

Here are a few of these terms rainbow challenges. We have created an alien style phonics area where the children have the opportunity throughour the day to practise their phonics knowledge on some real and alien words. There is also a dinosaur dif for children to explore and find out lots of dinosaur facts.

Rememberance Day

After our key stage assembly, where we discussed the meaning of Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy, we put our fine motor skills into action to create these beautiful tissue paper poppies. We have displayed them in our classroom window for all to see.

Dinosaur silhouettes

The children got a little messy today as they picked up their paintbrushes tocreat some beautiful dinosaur art. They used their mixing skills to create the background for the dinosaur then they chose which dinosaur they would like to use for their silhouette. I’m sure you’ll agree thyet look fabulous!


Earlier in the week, our scary visitor left us an egg. However, when we found it, it had already hatched and there was a baby dinosaur on the lose! Today we created WANTED posters for the dinosaur. We then decided to make clay models of our 

A Victory for Eco Club!

We have finally received our Green Flag! Well done to everyone in Eco Club and all the staff and pupils who have worked so hard to make Luddendenfoot Academy a green and pleasant school! All our recycling, energy conservation, composting, wildlife managing, tree-planting, badger saving and litter-picking has paid off and we can now proudly display our flag to the whole world. This is just the beginning, however, as a brand new eco club is going to undertake more exciting projects this year….


Year 1 had a very scary visitor this week! A t-rex somehow managed to break into the classroom and cause havoc! He left his footprints which we followed. We found lots of different things that the dinosaur had left such as a big tooth, some sparkly scales, claw marks, his tail… and even some smelly orange poo! The children had loads of fun and exploring which resulted in some fantastic writing from them all!

DIY x-ray

We created these brilliant x- ray style pictures as part of our topic. We have been looking at the different bones in our body and the names for these bones so we thought this art work would fit in brilliantly. What a fantastic job the children did!

Rainbow challenges

In Year 1, as well as starting do a little more work in our books we still have the rainbow challenges set up around the classroom for children to access throughout the day. Here are just a few of the things we had set up last half term.

How many ways?

We had an investigation week in maths where we worked with our friends to see how many ways we could make the same number. We had lots of fun using all the different resources we had and exploring all the different ways.

The Sound of music.

As part of our ‘All about me’ topic, we spent the afternoon trying to make different sounds with our body.We had tapping, clapping, whistling, clicking, stomping and humming. The children made some fantastic pieces of music which they then shared with the rest of the class.

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