Y5/6 camping

The morning after the night before!  Shhhh…all is quiet – finally.  We may have had 2-3 hours sleep if WE were lucky.  Children snuggled in bed.  They may still be in bed when some of you arrive at 8:30am for registration or 3:15pm at the end of the day (with any luck).


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Olympics 2016

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Vikings and Tudors at History Club!

The last two weeks at History club have been full of crafty excitement as we have explored the Vikings and then the Tudors. We have made fabulous Viking jewellery:



Then we spray-painted them gold and silver:



This week we made Tudor sweets using marzipan (or icing for those who found marzipan too disgusting!) and then ate them!




We have had a fantastic time in History club this term – well done everyone!


Please, do not get in the way of your children.  They have a perfect aim and will get you!

DSCF1974 DSCF1980 DSCF1982 DSCF1985 DSCF1992 DSCF1996 DSCF1998

Just a few shots before the heavens opened and they had to take shelter!



Raft building

On a cold reservoir (Coombs), we were set the challenge of designing, building and sailing our own raft.  Here are just a few of the photos taken!  Some of us were on a mission to succeed – some on a mission to relax!


Team one were amazing raft builders and build the most secure raft!


Team two – were well co-ordinated and the fastest at paddling!

DSCF1908  DSCF1912


DSCF1923        DSCF1925

DSCF1928    DSCF1926

The next task… to make the largest tidal wave possible! Wet! This was an understatement.


The ‘grown-ups’ remained dry though! We had to take the photographs, of course.

DSCF1920   DSCF1932

We’ll be abseiling tomorrow!  Please look at the blog for our updates.



Eco Club – The Attack of the Snails!

An emergency eco club was held today to find the dastardly creature who has been munching our baby beans and courgettes, leaving a telltale slimy trail behind:
We drafted in help from some keen year threes and hunted high and low for the marauding beast:

We finally found Mr Snail and several of his molluscy brethren in a plant pot, underneath a compost bag. The perpetrators were flung into the field behind school, to try their luck with the alpacas. Hopefully our baby plants will recover.

In happier news, our bee friendly flowers are doing really well, as are our rainbow chard plants:

Next week will see the big dig, when we will survey a square metre of the school field and count all the invertebrates that we find. Watch this space for more news and pictures of the ‘What’s Under Your Feet’ campaign!

Crate challenge

Co-operative thinking, teamwork and determination, were the skills we needed in this challenge.

CIMG1846  CIMG1848CIMG1849  CIMG1856

We listened and we tried! It didn’t quite work out the way we wanted it to, so we rethought our plan and had another go!  Each time, with determination and some resourceful thinking we became more effective.

CIMG1850  CIMG1851

The end result!


Taking a leap of faith!


Looking worried – one of our many challenges today included…taking a leap of faith!  This involved climbing high into the trees on a very wobbly pole, balancing on a platform and then leaping into the air to hit a ball!

!CIMG1843 CIMG1836CIMG1827CIMG1830CIMG1831

DSCF2014 DSCF2027 DSCF2032

We all had a go and were very proud of our bravery and faith in ourselves!

“It was scary at first, but I had another go and got further up.  It felt really high from the top!”  William T – Y5

CIMG1826 CIMG1828

Later, we chilled out in the games room.  Those of us with energy still to burn, were highly competitive!

DSCF1887 DSCF1888 DSCF1889 DSCF1890 DSCF1891


Y5 visit Edale – day one!



Edale – our home for the next few days is a grand old country house on the southern flanks of Kinder Scout.  YHA Edale is one of the highest residences in the Peak District and has a view to match. Our back garden is open access moorland! With the Great Ridge between Lose Hill and Mam Tor to the south and the Dark Peak moorland of the Kinder plateau to the north, not only is YHA Edale surrounded by stunning scenery but this area has a firm place in history – this open-access land was literally fought for.

Our first few activities included lots of ice-breaker games and welly wanging!

DSCF1854   DSCF1857 DSCF1858 DSCF1859 DSCF1860 DSCF1861 DSCF1862 DSCF1863 DSCF1864 DSCF1866

We had to work together to solve this one! Teamwork and patience were important.

DSCF1871DSCF1868DSCF1872DSCF1873DSCF1874 Success – we did it in the end!


We enjoyed a hearty meal, before setting off on the night hike!



CIMG1799DSCF1879DSCF1881  DSCF1878


History Club – The Stone Age

History club began their voyage through time this week in the Stone Age – discovering more about the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods! We thought about the kind of lives that stone age people led, and about the kind of tools they used.

We held a genuine stone age scraping tool, found in Mrs Harper’s garden:


We found out all about stone age burials and prehistoric art and made our own clay pots, using stone age techniques!




Everyone was suitably proud of their creations! They will be ready to pick up tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, once they have dried. Next week we will be zooming forward in time to find out about ancient Egypt! Watch this space for more exciting history club updates…..


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