We have received an email in school from the Calderdale Safeguarding Advisor alerting us to the following apps.

Please be aware of two online safety concerns that have recently been brought to my attention:

Firstly ‘Live.ly’ is an app being used by many children as it provides the opportunity to group chat. Whilst the app is only meant to be able to access contacts already on a child’s phone, the opportunity for friends of friends to join groups has resulted in people unknown to the child being able to access a group. In Leeds this resulted in a serious safeguarding issue. This highlights the risk that an app such as this poses in terms of the potential for incidences such as this but also the risk of grooming and exploitation.

The second concerning one is ‘Yellow’ which is essentially an online dating app for children which works similar to ‘Tinder’ the idea being that you can swipe through people and then choose someone to then meet up with. Clearly this again poses numerous risk factors for children.

These apps may be ones that are worth flagging up to your parents/carers and/or discussing within assemblies etc and using them as an opportunity to revisit those key safeguarding messages around being online.

I have also flagged this to the NSPCC so that hopefully these apps can be included on their Net Aware site.

Kind Regards

Rezina Kelly

Schools Safeguarding Advisor

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