We need your help!

We have applied for a grant to develop a play area for the children of £25,000 from Aviva. Our application has been accepted through

he first round and we are now through to the voting stage.

What can you do to help!

We need you to vote and encourage everyone you know to vote. Last year one of the winning bids received 15,000 votes. If every family in school encouraged 10 people to vote we could achieve this. You can register as many emails address as you want and each time you receive 10 votes. They can all be used on the same project. We encourage you to register all of your email address and vote as many times as possible. Please ask family and friends to support us. If you could we would be grateful if you could ask work colleagues to vote. We want that £25,000! And we need to think creatively to achieve this and spread the word. We have 1 month to gather as many votes as possible.

Here’s the project link that you’ll need to share far and wide to secure votes:


  1. Set up an account – this is free.
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Vote – to find our project type in Mud Relief into the search bar.
  4. You then have 10 votes – it would be lovely if you gave us all your 10 votes.


Don’t forget if you have more than one email address you could vote twice or three or four times.



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