Science week.

Well it’s been a week of investigations, predictions, analysis and conclusions. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as staff and children have enjoyed the week. Luckily for us it doesn’t stop there, with enthusiasm and excitement we will be planning additional lessons across the curriculum for all our budding scientists to enjoy.

Here are a few comments from the children about the week.

“A pencil is a good plug. Water didn’t come out because it filled the hole. Paper wouldn’t be very good it would make a mess.” Oliver Yr 1

“I loved the balloon experiment. My hair stood on end. It was electricity.” Daphne Yr1.

“When we added vinegar to baking powder the solution flowed over the top of the conical flask. This was a chemical reaction.” Noah Yr 4.

“Did you know you can make a plug out of sturdy and solid materials, not hollow ones though as the water runs out of the bag.” Rose Yr2

”Science week was great. Me and Natty did our own wind experiment in the yard. Joshua Yr2.

“We investigated how to get water from one glass to another without touching it. We used kitchen roll as a bridge which transferred the water by absorption.” Austin Yr4.

“Warm water was the best solution to make your skittles white. By making shapes with the skittles we created different rainbow patterns.” Ruby Yr3.

“To make my tower tall I used a triangle base to ensure weight could be distributed evenly across the three points.” Eadie Yr5.

“The Stem challenge was awesome – we had to design, make and cost a protective structure to keep an egg safe!” Noah Y6

“We had to focus on reducing the mass of our protective structure.  We chose not to spend all of our money and used just enough to protect our egg.” Finlay Y6

”We predicted the ph for 12 different substances then tested them using litmus paper. The results were quite surprising. Apple juice had the same acidity level as coke!” Colette Yr4.

“I love Science!” Natty Yr2.




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