The journey continues…

We have finally heard from our naughty Gingerbread Men that ran away!

They have already travelled to lots of different places around the world! They have been to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Blackpool, Devon, and even visited the Queen for afternoon tea in London! They then travelled across the rest of the world, visiting places in France, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. They reached Moscow in Russia, Hong Kong and Beijing, Thailand and Singapore, down to Egypt and even Kenya! The have had lots of fun in the USA, visiting Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, seeing the Niagara Falls in Canada, down to the Falkland Islands and Honolulu in Hawaii! They have even managed to go all the way round the world to Australia, enjoying the sun on Bondi Beach and they were nearly eaten by crocodiles in New Zealand! We can’t wait to see where he has been this week and what they have been getting up up!

Keep checking our display outside the Year 1 classroom to find out where their next adventure has taken them.

(Thank you for all your support with this project. We couldn’t have done it without you!)

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