The Sound of music.

As part of our ‘All about me’ topic, we spent the afternoon trying to make different sounds with our body.We had tapping, clapping, whistling, clicking, stomping and humming. The children made some fantastic pieces of music which they then shared with the rest of the class.


We visited Eureka to celebrate the end of our topic. The children explored the different areas and had lots of fun doing so!

Senses hunt

Linking to our Science lessons on senses, we decided to write our own senses poems in Literacy. The children walked around the school looking out for different things that they could see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

 The squeaking door. The green carpet. The crunchy apples. The smooth tables.

Fruit faces

In art we have been looking at a famous art called Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He was as an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits and vegetables. After looking at a few examples and designing their own face, the children went ahead and created their own. They were fantastic!

Why are you so happy?

In PSHE we have been talking about feelings and emotions. We have discussed how we can tell how people are maybe feeling from the expressions on their faces and things we might need to do if people are feeling like this.

Can you guess how these children were feeling?


We have been learning all about our senses.  We have looked at which part of he body we use for each sense and words to describe  things that we can smell, touch, hear, see or taste.

Foot bone connected to the …?

Our topic in the first term was ‘ The Haunted Who’. We spent the first term looking at our body. We have looked at all the different parts of our body and we labelled them.

Handwriting mess!

In year 1 we are beginning to use cursive handwriting. We have been practising our pre-cursive letter in all sorts of things such as icing sugar and shaving foam! The children love this and it is a great way to practise their handwriting.

Welcome back Year 1!

Due to technically difficulties the year 1 blog hasn’t been updated so far. However, all this is sorted and we are back to blogging! We have some catching up to do so please have a browse and see what Year 1 have been up to so far this year.

Y6 Head Boy and Head Girl.

Last week we held our annual elections.  Children from year 6 presented their election speeches in an assembly for the rest of key stage 2.  All of the candidates gave very impressive speeches as to why they felt they had the desirable qualities for the role.  All children and staff then had the opportunity to vote for one boy and one girl.

We are pleased to announce that Matthew and Ffion were elected as the Head Boy and Girl.  Supporting them in their roles are Finley and Evie.

Well done to all children who participated in this event.

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