Gardening Club

This week gardening club have been training beans and sweet peas up canes, clearing algae out of the pond and harvesting some beautiful onions! Here are some photos of our horticultural endeavours:


Small Schools Swimming Gala

On Friday children in KS2 participated in the small schools swimming gala. All the children were fantastic and some children won medal for their races.

Well done to

Lucy  who came 1st in the front crawl

Imogen  2nd in the backstroke

Millie, Asha and Erica who came 3rd in the girls relay

Alice who came third in the backstroke

and Brooke who came 3rd in the backstroke.

This is the first time that we have come back from the swimming gala with medals.

Decorate a Hard Bolied Egg Competition

We had some amazing entries into this years competition and it was so hard to decide the winners. We were meant to be choosing 6 winners but we just couldn’t do that. In the end we chose a first, second and third prize from each class and had to make a mad dash to Lidl for more prizes. The standard was so high we rewarded everyone who had entered with a chocolate lollipop. Here are just a few of the creative ideas.

Red Nose Day – Friday 24th March 2017

On Friday 24th March, we helped to raise money for the BBC Red Nose Day appeal.

All the children payed £1 to come to school dressed in red and we held a Red Nose Day bake sale. In the afternoon we held a special assembly where children were picked to play ‘Pie Face’ against their class teacher. This was lots of fun!!!

We raised £229 on the day and would like to thank parents for their kind donations.

Better Living Health Day – Thursday 23rd March 2017

On Thursday 23rd March, the Better Living Health Team from Calderdale Council visited the school to run activities for the children based around a healthy lifestyle.

The children learnt all about what to eat for a balanced diet, how much sugar is in food and drinks, why sleep matters and the older children learnt about different body shapes and what makes them different. Each class also took part in a fun games session where they learnt different games to play to keep their bodies healthy.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day!

A Visit from the Dog’s Trust

Today we met the beautiful Winnie, a friendly education dog from The Dog’s Trust! LJ, her human, told us all about the work of the trust and talked about how we should care for our dogs.



We learned about healthy food for dogs to eat and things that are poisonous to dogs; we looked at some gruesome roundworms, some ticks and some fleas and discovered ways to protect our canine friends from these pests; we looked at a microchip and even practiced picking up a pretend dog poo in a poo bag!



We also talked about what to do if we encounter an unknown dog when we are in the park or out and about and how to stay safe. At the end of the session we got the chance to give Winnie a stroke (after introducing ourselves with a hand sniff of course) and everyone has had a leaflet to take home to share with their families.



The Great British Dance Off

On Thursday 2nd February, Dance Club participated in the ‘Great Big Dance Off’ competition at the Victoria Theatre. This was the second round of the competition as the children had already passed the first round by submitting a video of their dance. There were 16 schools taking part in the competition from towns and cities across the North of England with one school from as far as Durham.

 The children performed their dance ‘When I grow Up’, a song from the musical Matilda, on the stage in front of a full audience of parents and other schools.  Unfortunately they did not make the top 5, however the whole experience of the day was fantastic and one the children will never forget.

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Young Writers Competition

Recent year 2/3 entered Young Writiers’ national writing competition Crazy Creatures. Out of over 40,000 entries we are delighted  to say that the editors would like to publish 20 of the submitted piece of writing.

We are looking forward to recieving our copy of Crazy Creatures when it is published on 27th April.

Image result for Crazy Creatures writing Competition



We have received an email in school from the Calderdale Safeguarding Advisor alerting us to the following apps.

Please be aware of two online safety concerns that have recently been brought to my attention:

Firstly ‘’ is an app being used by many children as it provides the opportunity to group chat. Whilst the app is only meant to be able to access contacts already on a child’s phone, the opportunity for friends of friends to join groups has resulted in people unknown to the child being able to access a group. In Leeds this resulted in a serious safeguarding issue. This highlights the risk that an app such as this poses in terms of the potential for incidences such as this but also the risk of grooming and exploitation.

The second concerning one is ‘Yellow’ which is essentially an online dating app for children which works similar to ‘Tinder’ the idea being that you can swipe through people and then choose someone to then meet up with. Clearly this again poses numerous risk factors for children.

These apps may be ones that are worth flagging up to your parents/carers and/or discussing within assemblies etc and using them as an opportunity to revisit those key safeguarding messages around being online.

I have also flagged this to the NSPCC so that hopefully these apps can be included on their Net Aware site.

Kind Regards

Rezina Kelly

Schools Safeguarding Advisor

Road safety.

The Road Safety team came to school today to help us keep safe when crossing the road. The children took part in different activities and all the children were awarded a certificate for completing the training. The road safety team worked with children in years 1, 2 and 4.

IMG_1106 IMG_1108 IMG_1110 IMG_1112


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